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Our Love Story

My parents always joke that I had to move all the way to Boston to marry a guy from down the street. Well, to an extent this statement is true, but let me tell you the story behind how it happened.

Jared and I actually knew each other during our high school years in the midwest. We weren’t close friends but were friendly acquaintances and would see each other from time to time at social events.  After graduating we went parted ways continuing on to college and graduate schools all in separate states.

After graduating nursing school in Miami I had gone to my parents house prior to my move to the east coast. Four days prior to moving to Boston, I decided to bundle up and brave the cold to meet a girlfriend of mine for dinner and drinks.

Earlier that day however, I was talking to a friend who I had also grown up with and was now living in Boston. They were playing the “name game” and telling me about the people I knew who were already living in the area. Jared was one of the people on the list! When they came to his name I quickly mentioned that I barely knew him.

When I arrived out with my girlfriend that evening, within ten minutes of sitting down no other but Jared walked right passed me! I explained the story to her to which she told me that I am never right about recognizing people (it had been eight years since I had last seen him). Nonetheless, I stopped him anyway the next time he passed by and he immediately responded by recognizing me and saying what a long time it had been.

Jared was in town for one night. He brought over the rest of his group of friends, all of which my girlfriend and I both knew and had a great time catching up with. By the end of the night he explained that he was leaving the next day for a three-week business trip taking him to Africa, The Middle East, London and finally back to Boston after that. He said when he got back in town after I was moved in and settled he would call and take me out. We left the evening exchanging numbers and going our separate ways.

The entire three weeks, Africa and all, he kept in touch. I even got a phone call explaining that he was in the London-Heathrow airport and would like to take me to dinner when he landed in 7 hours! However, I would not give in that quickly and made him take me out on a proper date later that week.

You can say the rest is history from there!! We moved into a joint 2 bedroom apartment together within the year, were engaged in May 2012 and are now newlyweds after having the most magical wedding I could have ever imagined this past June 2013.

To say that our coming together was serendipitous is simply the perfect way to describe it!



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