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Good Night, Sleep Tight : Brookstone Eye Mask

As you all know, we do a tremendous amount of traveling. I have a long list of products that I depend on to get me through some of my 14-hour flights but I want to introduce you to one that even Jared now swears by!

With 12-hour time differences between SE Asia and the US, being jet lagged is something I continuously battle with after each journey. My main objective is always to try and minimize the effects as much as possible. To do this, I try to get as much sleep as possible (and at the appropriate times for the transition) during flights.

Besides staying up all night the evening before which adds excessive tiredness (mostly due to my need to finishing packing of course), and a little sleeping pill here and there, the one product I cannot live without is my eye mask. Sure, they give you ones on the flight, but this one does the trick every time.

I have purchased many in the past several years, each with its own issues, and finally I have found the perfect fit! To me, this eye mask is the perfect balance. It keeps your eyelids closed, the light out, it’s soft, it’s flexible and is the perfect weight. I have found that weight is incredibly important for eye mask success. Too light and it doesn’t seem to do the job, too heavy and there is too much pressure to sleep without distraction.


Once on a plane I stayed up to watch a movie so I gave J my eye mask to borrow. I have never gotten it back and quickly purchased a second one during our layover at the next airport. Don’t think that you have to restrict the use of your eye mask to planes! Jared keeps his on the nightstand to put on any time he is having trouble sleeping and it works like a charm.

This is just my personal recommendation and in no way am I sponsored by Brookstone, but if you want to try this eye mask for travel or nightly sleeping- I definitely recommend it. They can be found at many airport stands, the stores or ordered online. The brand sells many types of eye masks, several of which I have tried, so make sure you get the one with BioSense Memory Foam. Hope you like it as much as both Jared and I do. Enjoy your sleep!


Here is the info should you want to purchase:
NapForm Eye Mask with BioSense Memory Foam|CategoryWidget|616730p&catId=L2_TravelComfort|L1_Travel

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  1. Mary Jo - AUnt Mary #

    Areil: Thank you for allowing me to remain a FB friend. I enjoy following your travels and hope that you and Jared stay safe. I am thrilled that your wedding was amazing and your life magical. I miss making you and Liz breakfast on Sunday morning. If your travels ever find you in Florida please feel free to call me or stop by. Mary jo Meives ( Aunt Mary)

    November 25, 2013

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