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Packing Procrastination

When people hear about my overseas lifestyle and how much I travel, I often get exclamations that I must be an amazing packer! Well, let me be honest with you- I’m not. You would think I would be a great packer. In fact, you would think I would have the system down by now. I have spent the past two years now traveling constantly from one condo to the next, packing suitcases for short and long trips and yet, I have a serious aversion to it.

My husband on the other hand, whether we are going away for two months or two days is always finished in twenty minutes. He uses the exact same suitcase and carries on. It is beyond me.

I struggle with packing every single time. I procrastinate until I am zipping my suitcase while the taxi is waiting outside the door to take us to the airport with Jared’s bag in the trunk. I will know we are leaving all week and will still not pack and wake up early the morning we are leaving and begin then, rather than start at a reasonable time even the night before!! It’s an illness, I know.

The ridiculous thing is I pretty much always take the same things! I don’t know what is so hard about it. I do have a system. Everything goes in the same places in my suitcase. Certain items are rolled, certain are folded and toiletries have specific cases.

I am known to bring too much but that should be expected from every woman, no? And when you are sitting on your suitcase to close, you know you will have a hard time fitting in souvenirs purchased from your trip on the return.

I will say that I am very good about the weight of my suitcase. By that I mean that my bag usually weighs between 49.6 and 49.8 pounds of the 50-pound airline allowance. I will not lie and tell you I haven’t been that person unzipping their suitcase trying to take out 2 pounds because I have gone overweight and seeing which shoes will fit in my carryon.

We are leaving this evening for two-week trip to Europe. We shall see what time I begin to pack. Wish me luck!


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